Download Pokemon Ruby Rom Version(1.1) GBA (Gamer boy Advance)

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Actually, The pokemon ruby rom was released in Wayback 2003 in the collaboration of pokemon and Nintendo and it is considered as the most popular rom of 2003s .and it is the third set which pokemon games released. When we think about pokemon ruby rom then a thing which comes in our mind is Gameboy or Gameboy colors? from the starting time, they were very popular till now!

Download Pokemon Ruby Rom For gba

Pokemon Ruby Version Brief Info:

Name Pokemon Ruby Rom
Rom TypeGamer Boy Advance (GBA)
GenreA 2D RPG Offline Game
ConsoleGamer Boy Advance
RegionUnited States (US)
Rom Provided ByModApkDld

Story Line Of Pokemon Ruby:

It is one of the popular stories which I think we all know and don’t waste our time discussing the story but for the new ones, i am going to tell you all the summary of the storyline: So actually pokemon ruby and sapphire are from Hoenn. Hoenn is an island which is in japan you can also google it. So this story follows the players that they can defeat ┬áTeams Aqua and Team Magma the two crime groups which want to use pokemon and change the weather of the island hoenn which I tell earlier. I think it is enough summary now you have to play your self and get your questions answered future you can see the Faqs by clicking the below button.

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What’s The Difference Between Ruby And Sapphire Pokemon?

I don’t think so that there is a lot of difference they both are approximately the same a new player cant figure out the difference between them. But there is still a difference which is the main player, yes the main player in the ruby version is Groudon while in the sapphire version the main player is Kyogre. But in the emerald version, you get both of them and get a lot of features too!

Free Download Pokemon Ruby Rom:

So here you can download the rom if you not downloaded yet!

Download Ruby Rom

Download Pokemon Ruby Randomizer Rom:

when you listen to pokemon ruby randomizer then a thing comes in your mind which is what is a randomizer yes?

A rom randomizer is a software that can let you make your experience the best it helps you to make some changes in a rom. It is something like bypassing an application. you can download this randomizer by the below link:

Download Randomizer


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F.A.Qs Of Pokemon Ruby Rom:

Pokemon ruby rom download


Q1: Are Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire the same?

NO, as I tell you earlier that pokemon ruby and sapphire are two different roms but still there are some things which both of them have but the difference is in their primary players.

Q2: How To Download Pokemon Ruby Rom?

You can download the pokemon ruby theme by the above-given button.

Q3: What Is The Size Of This Rom?

The size of this rom is approximately 4.5MBs.

Q4: What Is The Release Date Of Pokemon Ruby?

The release date of pokemon ruby is at the end of 2002s which is 21, November 2002.

Q5: Who Releases Pokemon Ruby?

This rom is released by Nintendo the biggest game publisher till now.

Q6: Which Type Of Rom It Is?

it is a GBA rom. GBA stands for gamer boy advance.

Q7: In Which Console It Released?

It is released in gamer boy advance console i think which i tell you earlier.

Q8: What Is The Genre Of This Game?

This is an offline 2D RPG game.

Q9: In which Region It Released?

It released in the United States for the first time now it is in all the world.

Q10: What Does Randomizer Mean?

A randomizer is a software that lets you help to bypass this rom.

If you don’t wanna bypass it then now worry about it it is completly a diffrent thing.

Q11: What Is The Size Of The Randomizer?

The size of the ruby randomizer is 6.6 MBs

Final Words:

I think pokemon ruby was a legendary game. which releases in 2003s but till now we all are love to play this it shows the popularity of this game the game which is popular in the passionates of pokemon. and i think this blog post helps you to download the pokemon ruby rom and you get fun playing it but if there is a problem with it then you can contact me i will help you for sure.

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